inspection_sheetGoing beyond electronic inspections

Great news for hundreds of technicians, service advisors and shop owners! We have implemented a new app called the AutoVitals EIS Beta based on your feedback, and it is already in Google Play and we expect it to be in the Apple App Store any day now.

This new app is expected to be updated once a week and gives every one embracing the way to the paperless shop the ability to try new things at a rapid release frequency. Users of the existing app do not need to follow the rapid update cycle. It is stable and robust and won’t be updated unless the Beta is proven to be solid and embraced by our pilot users.

What are the new features?

Check them out hereon our roadmap, but let me point out some highlights.

  • The inspection report includes now educational information about preventive maintenance benefits, check this sample report
  • Just started with the EIS? No problem. Ignore the web page settings for now, and start the inspection right away on the tablet. It will be emailed to the email address you used to log onto the tablet.
  • Last, but definitely not least, the highlight of the release: The completely re-designed inspection sheet user interface. It is said to not only speed up the operation by at least by 30%, but also to make it super easy to switch from paper to Digital Inspections! Check out the video below demonstrating how easy it has become to perform a professionally looking inspection. 

By Uwe Kleinschmidt on

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