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October 26th, 2019

Seattle, WA

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Uwe Kleinschmidt teaches you how to manage a Digital Shop, measure results, and engage motorists for unprecedented increase in weekly revenue and ARO.

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Learn techniques and strategies in breakouts, which cover real-life scenarios.


October 26th | 9:00-3:30


Eastside Bavarian 6010 221st Pl SE, Issaquah, WA 98027

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$99 for 1-3 people


Discover what you’ll learn to improve your business in just one day:

How to engage motorists digitally and achieve $150 ARO increase

How digital workflow management increases your Technician and Service Advisor efficiency by DOUBLE DIGITS

How to implement the Digital Shop with the high confidence to overcome any challenge caused by change


Join your peers and complete activities in and out of the Digital Shop platform to evaluate your current shop workflow and plan future campaigns.



A workbook acompanies your class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.



Join Digital Shop owners who have succeeded as they assist you and teach you how they did it and how to properly implement.

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30 minutes

Introduction and Welcome

A light breakfast will be provided as Uwe Kleinschmidt kicks off the training with opening remarks.


1 hour

How Digital Motorists Make Decisions

In this session, we’ll break down how digital motorists make decisions along the 7 touchpoints of motorist interaction— everything from how they search on Google to how they approve or decline work. We’ll also focus on some of the most impactful strategies to increase ARO by $150 or more.


1 hour

Comparison of Practices in a Paper Based Shop vs The Digital Shop

Now that we have some of the best practices for how digital motorists make decisions, we’ll focus on learning the difference of results from a paper based shop vs a Digital Shop and building a scalable operation around digital. Diving into shop workflow operations, you’ll learn how to improve any process in your business using workflow and digital communication.


1 hour

Overview of the Business Control Panel and How-To Measure, Literally, Everything

Now that we’ve learned a scalable shop workflow operation, how do you know if it’s working? We’ll help you understand how to monitor success. Using the Business Control Panel and its behavioral KPIs you can direct and motivate your staff with measurable goals.


1 hour

How to Get Your Staffs Buy-In to go Digital

Time to put it all together! We know what we got to do, how do get our staff to buy into the idea of Digital and have them execute every day and with every customer.


saturday exclusive


Hands-On Breakouts

Let’s get hands-on! We will use this time to split into groups and focus on reviewing a real Digital Shop from our peers in the group. Together we will participate in reviewing the Digital Shop, their customers experience with the shop, what their workflow operation consists of, and how their staff is managed. Together we come up with goals, how to improve, and action items that can be implemented in the next 90 days to improve the business.

Training with our Students

What I can share with you, with what Tyler learned, what he’s implemented, and him and Shane are working on daily. So, we ended up January at $614.20; so a $102 up, and that’s right after the conference. And so far in February, we’re at $614.84. So, they have raised the ARO up a $100 and that’s for… That’s where the shop that’s been using this for, what? Four years now.

Joe Sevart

Shop Owner, I-70 Auto Service

Listen to Joe talk about improvements he made after attending the training:

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