The Vital Retention Edition

Inspection Results and Service Recommendations make a Powerful Duo

Vital Retention leverages our real-time integration with your Shop Management Software (SMS). “Real-time” means that the AutoVitals software receives the data the moment the service advisor enters it in the SMS. Lets take a quick look at the different benefits of Vital Retention:

create report

Inspection Result Menu

 Inspection results are

– easily emailed to customer

– stored for future look-up

– accessible directly from the SMS

 Additional benefits include:


  • Assign vehicle and inspection to technician with two clicks
  • Add OEM Service recommendations to the inspection results
  • Offer promotions and educational information 
  • Using Canned Jobs Already? Streamline your inspection process!
  • Run Technician and Shop Effectiveness reports 

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  • Share Estimates and Images taken with the Motorist
  • Add Educational Videos that respond to “Why Now?” and “What happens if I don’t do it?”
  • Have all information on one screen
  • Text and email your customer directly from the Today’s Vehicles Page

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  • Present declined jobs for next visit
  • Schedule the next appointment with 95% success rate when using AutoVitals
  • Personalized service interval based on vehicle type and driving habit
  • Shop calendar accessible anytime anywhere 

service reminder on the smart phone

Service Reminders that work!

– Call, Email, Postcard Campaigns

– Push Notification

– Loyalty Points for:

   Friend referrals,

   Service recommendations,

   Money Spent.

– Recall Alerts and More!


  • Send personalized reminders
  • Reach your customer anytime and anywhere
  • Just like their vehicle needs it!

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