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Product based training videos for the Electronic Inspection Sheet or EIS
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The Electronic Inspection Sheet or EIS is easy to use and gives you a lot of flexibility. Since we strive to help you reach best value from your investment, we want to invite you to watch the following training videos and maximize the EIS use in your shop. The following topics guide you through all aspects of the EIS, during setup, configuration and use, and even best practices. If you need help at any time you can get in touch with us  using the Contact Us page or just click the Chat button to chat live with one of our inspection experts!

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Benefits and Best Practices

Listen to what the industry experts have to say about the Benefits and Best Practices for switching over to electronic inspections

How to Setup and Use the EIS

The following video covers “How to Use and Set Up the EIS” and is segmented into chapters of interest. First time users might want to watch the whole video. Returning visitors can select the chapter of interest and get right to it.

How to Configure Inspection Sheets

The next videos is for advanced users, who want to customize any or all inspection sheet delivered as part of the library or who want to create completely new inspection sheets from scratch. For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode.

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