Effective Website Design

It's not all about good looks. A website needs to effectively grab your visitors attention and turn them into customers.

TopFuel Trains You and Your Service Advisor

Know and Improve Conversion Rates Using Smart Data The majority of customer conversion happen on the phone. Hands down. Do you know how many leads have tried to reach you or interacted with your service advisor and didn’t buy? Do you know what an effective phone call sounds like? Do you want to track your service advisor’s performance over time and let continuous improvement help you to get more customers? How do you measure your service advisors’ phone call effectiveness today? Thought so. Check out this article and see whether TopFuel’s newest feature set will benefit you. TopFuel in conjunction with Vital Retention and SmartFlow provide the most comprehensive yet still easy to read business summary in the industry. See below for a typical score card. Nothing is hidden.   Phone calls are the most important lifeline for an auto repair shop. When phone call tracking is provided, many shop performance metrics can be measured and improved. We have spoken with a few shop owners and determined that the following important information and capabilities need to be provided: Classify the phone call based on whether it was a conversion of a prospective customer and cluster all calls based on their duration Allow the owner to listen to all recordings Allow the owner to compare the phone calls amongst each other and also with a reference call to teach the service advisor the best possible outcome Plot the results over time to see how the improvements kick in Step 1: Check the summary page to get a first overview and what has been going on Once the ‘Details’ on the business summary for...

The True Power of TopFuel

We are being asked what is so different about TopFuel compared with the many other offerings in the market? Are we just chasing Google in a temporarily better way and it will be a fluke soon? Are we just lucky?

What does Responsive Web Design really get me?

Mobile Friendly is Not Enough, or is it? Since April 21 2015 Google conceals websites in mobile search, which do not meet the absolute basics of mobile web design like clearly legible wording without zooming in tapping a button without hitting more than one (You wanted to cancel the order? Oops, the ‘Order’ button was too close to the ‘Cancel’ button.) getting the message of the website across without scrolling horizontally for ever and many more. Google calls it mobile-friendly. Why is that important? Mobile users have exceeded the number of desktop users last year.  It is time to establish a standard, which doesn’t make users of mobile devices question their purchase. It has to be convenient, simple and functional. Google just leveraged its power to get it done a little faster. But is it enough? We don’t think so. We have been providing now-called ‘mobile friendly’ websites for 4 years. No big deal. What is the big deal? In one word: Engagement. Firehosed with information, we tend to desperately filter for relevant information in the ocean of pictures and words hitting our brain every day. Think of a brain’s gatekeeper as this filter.  When the information hits our eyes, it needs to be pleasing and ergonomic to be passed on and be processed. If stopped prematurely we won’t remember anymore and check something else. Done. Lost. Never come back. That is where Responsive Web Design comes in. Responsive means that no matter the size of the device, the website will always be rendered for maximum effectiveness, which secures the biggest impact in the short time the attention span of the brain’s gatekeeper allows. Please see below for...

Mobile Unfriendly? Don’t Mess With Google.

This post is not for owners of a smartphone, who are unfriendly. This post is for people, who own a website, which is important for their business and who, for some reason, have missed that Google will change is ranking algorithm on April 21st so that mobile searches are treated differently than before

Select your KPI and Improve your Business

Business owners working on the business, and not in it, define key performance indicators (KPI) for their business, setting a baseline and monitor against this baseline. Although the urge is big, selecting more than three KPIs at a time is not only too aggressive, it backfires most of the time

Immediate Results with TOP FUEL

Whenever one launches a new website product, the first website is always the most difficult. When we were designing Top Fuel we wanted to create a product that is as flexible as possible, as well as follows the trend of more and more focus on websites for local businesses. As usual, following our motto to select the most challenging project first we started with one of the most difficult website builds we had ever done.

Show your Face in Google Search

Since the time when most of the advertising was done through phone books, standing out was very important in getting new customers. Back then, people would pay for bigger ads or change their name to come first or any of the other ways that businesses used to stand out. Now that we are in the internet age, standing out has become even more important, due to the fact that all websites are screaming for attention and the attention span of the searchers has dropped dramatically.

Standing Out on Google

Getting famous on Google Page#1 is now possible. No kidding. In other words: Prospective customers looking for you on Google can now see right away, who the trusted point of contact in your business is. Check it out!

Tracking Ad Campaigns

Tracking phone numbers have been known to damage your business’ Google ranking and when expired often render your business directory listing useless. AutoVitals implemented some slick technology to avoid the downsides and leverage all the benefits of tracking phone numbers.

Are you Engaged?

We are getting quite a bit of questions about how to make a website encourage visitors to contact the business. Furthermore we encounter many business owners, who go only for a nice looking website when letting their web designer starting to work on their website. Lets be clear: a web design pleasing the eye is important. But not sufficient. And sometimes hurts the business. Lets compare two landing pages from different websites, where the initial ‘taste” driven look reveals its shortcomings and the other, where the engagement score reveals a different result about the effectiveness. In addition lets talk about the role of videos on the home page and the role of monitor sizes when thinking about the most effective webdesign. On the left is a video on the home page of one of the test sites. 1.6% clicks went to the video. What? one-point-six percent? Yes. Why is it so low? “I have spent quite a bit of money on that video and it definitively looks great” is probably what a lot of business owners say. Lets take a look at the typical searching experience in the automotive search world: I takes a motorist about 10 seconds to explore the Google’s search results and click on a link. Taking in the landing or home page of the website takes another 15 seconds. Once the motorist is engaged on the landing page, you have between 90 seconds and 3 minutes to get your message across, assuming it is a new visitor to the website.   So the focus should be on the the 15 seconds, when comes to effective webdesign. To measure success we introduced the Engagement Score. The engagement...
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