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Intuitive Picture Editing

In today’s digital world, customers won’t approve of what they don’t understand and what they can’t see. With DVI.X, technicians take pictures of conditions straight from their tablets and technicians & service advisors add arrows and circles, crop the image, and add text to make the image clear to the motorist. Motorists quickly understand what needs work and are 76% more likely to approve.

Texted Inspection Results to Motorists

Did you know that on average people spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones? Meet your customers where they are with texted inspection results. High-pressure sales phone calls are no longer an effective selling tool, allow consumers to digest inspection results on their own time and approve work straight from their phones.

Chat & Conversation Center

Do you feel like your technicians and service advisors spend just as much time running back and forth from the bays as they do actually working on vehicles and talking to customers? Eliminate back and forth with AutoVitals’ internal chat. Now technicians and service advisors can chat about vehicles straight from their tablets without leaving the bay or counter.

Seamless Point of Sale Integrations

Easily integrates with your shop’s point of sale provider including NAPA TRACS, AllData Manage, AutoFluent, CoStar, RepairWriter, Lankar, Shopware, Protractor, Mitchell1, MaxxTraxx, ROWriter, ShopKey, MKey

DVI.X Software.

Already using DVVI?

You can continue using legacy DVVI at no charge until October 1st, 2020. After October 1st, 2020 you may continue to use DVVI for C$134 a month. You can also upgrade to DVI.X at any time for C$134 a month.

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