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Welcome to the NAPA DVVI Information Center. The place to start learning about DVVI

 NAPA DVVI is a tablet-based application for performing vehicle inspections that enables dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms. DVVI reduces time spent by both service, advisors and technicians during the inspection process. The DVVI program is available to all Canadian NAPA AutoCare and AutoPro Centers with no monthly service fees, just a one-time setup charge. You can try a limited FREE version or if you are ready to order use the Buy Now button on the right.

The DVVI application offers a rich set of features and settings, which make the DVVI a powerful instrument in your shop. Because of this you may need some help getting setup, so below you’ll find videos and information on why Joe’s Auto chose DVVI for their shop, a Quick Start Guide on setting up your new tablet, and Interactive Training Videos on using and customizing the DVVI. If you would like to speak to a DVVI Specialist call the NAPA DVVI Hotline at +1 (844) 871-3430 for English or +1 (844) 871-3431 for French.

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Step 1 - RE-visit this page from your tablet.

Step 2. Download the DVVI app to your tablet

The DVVI app is available in the Apple App Store for iPads and on Google Play for Android Devices. Click one of the icons below depending on your tablet type.

App Storeapple icon
Google Playgoogle play app


Step 3. Launch the NAPA DVVI ap

  • Enter your NT code (ask your NAPA advisor if you don't have your NT number)
  • Confirm or change the email address
  • Launch the DVVI
  • Check your inbox for more detailed instructions

NOTE: Certain features are blocked or watermarked during the test drive

Recommended Tablets

AutoVitals has tested numerous tablets and one tablet, the iPad Mini Generation 4, stood out for all its product characteristics. We then decided to offer the Productivity Tool Warranty for this and only this tablet based on our Apple Certified Business Solution Provider Status and our test results.

The Productivity Tool Warranty guarantees for one year after receipt the replacement of a defective tablet by overnighting a replacement to the lower 48 states in the US and 2nd Air to Canada and Alaska and Hawaii.  All you need to do is proving to our technical support that the malfunction is not caused by improper treatment of the tablet in your shop. Please send your original tablet back in the next 30 days, otherwise, we will charge full price for it.

The only recommended tablet is currently an iPad Mini 4th generation

including a ruggedized and tested case.

Please order it here to benefit from the Productivity Tool Warranty.

Supported tablets

Below is a list of selected tablet devices, which have been found to work. Tablets not listed below may work with AutoVitals applications and are supported but not tested for every release. Android tablets running on versions 5.5 or higher and equiped with a rear facing auto-focus camera are supported.




iPad and iPad Pro, as well as iPad Mini 4
The iPhone is not supported 

Some tablets and phones running Android 5.5 or higher, which are manufactured by known big brands (Samsung etc.) are supported.

Be aware that your investment in Android tablets is not protected. Google provides the Android version whereas Samsung and other Hardware makers use it to equip their devices. When a new device is hitting the market the previous hardware version will be discontinued immediately and no Android support is provided for those anymore. This can lead to expensive endeavors since you will be forced to buy new hardware just to benefit from new Android version.

iOS, in contrast, is made backward compatible for typically 2  hardware generations (which means 2-4 years of protection).

Tablets NOT Supported

With so many new tablets on the market, there is a high chance that tablets are available, which are not a fit for high productivity use or flat out don’t work. Even established brand names are on the list of known misfits below:

  • – Tablets without a rear facing auto focus camera are not supported
  • – Android tablets running on versions of Android older than 5.5 are not supported.
  • – Full size iPads older than the iPad Air and first generation iPad minis. These tablets are not upgradable or have poor performance on the latest version of iOS.
  • – Samsung Tab 2,  Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab A and Tab E
  • – All Kindle Fire tablets 
  • – ASUS Transformer TF300 and TS700  

*NOTE:  Recommendations are based on the current market condition. We do our best to keep it updated, but the tablet market releases new devices every day. The limiting factor in recommending a ruggedized tablet solution is the availability of the appropriate case

ShopFlow 301 Webinar Registration

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Please complete the form below to register for the advanced SmartFlow 301 webinar.

Once registered an account manager will contact you within one business day to confirm your seat in the webinar and discuss the next steps.

Note: You must have completed the Intermediate 201 webinar and have performed 50 or more inspections prior to participating in SmartFlow 301.

In order to be sure you get the most out of your time in this advanced SmartFlow training session, we would also like to know a few things about you and how you use the products.

Why do you think paper based inspections a thing of the past? (Check all that apply)

How is a digital inspection configured so the technician is most efficient? (Check all that apply)

Please answer the following questions in the boxes provided.

Initial Tablet Setup

  • Quick Start Guide For Tablet Setup

DVVI Training Videos

  • 101 Introduction Training
  • 201 Intermediate Training

Register for Live Webinars

  • 301 Advanced Training – Coming Soon

Go Totally Paperless

  • UPGRADE to SmartFlow!

Have Questions? Call the NAPA DVVI Hotline

+1 (844) 871-3430 for English

+1 (844) 871-3431 for French

Looking to setup your tablet?

Before you can be successful with your digital inspection program, you’ll need to get your tablet setup! So, check out our Quick Start Guide to find detailed steps on how to:

  • Turn on and Configure your new iPad
  • Download and Install the DVVI app
  • Launch / Login to the DVVI application

Ready to get started with Training?

Welcome to the series of instructional videos for making your DVVI the most productive and fun tool in your toolbox! NAPA DVVI is a tablet based application for performing vehicle inspections that enables dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms. DVVI reduces time spent by both service advisors and technicians during the inspection process. The DVVI application offers a rich set of settings, which make the DVVI a powerful instrument in your shop, but you may need some help getting setup. The first video in the series, DVVI 101 – How to Setup and use the DVVI, focuses on the basics and will get you started. And the second video DVVI 201 – Customize Inspection Sheets, continues your training and will help you improve the process in your shop. So, don’t delay!

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