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DVVI 201 - How to Customize DVVI Inspection Sheets

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DVVI 201 – Customize Inspection Sheets

Welcome to another DVVI instructional video. Two different goals might have brought you to this video: First, you’d like to take the next steps and build your own inspection sheet to save even more technician time. Or, you want to save your service advisor valuable time by haVINg the canned jobs from your shop management software configured as recommended actions selected by the tech on the inspection sheet. The second video in the series, DVVI 201 – How to Customize Inspection Sheets, continues your training and will help you improve the process in your shop. If you have further questions after the training, call the NAPA DVVI Hotline at +1 (844) 871-3430 for English or +1 (844) 871-3431 for French.

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