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DVVI 101 - How to Setup and use the NAPA Digital Visual Vehicle Inspection

All the information you need to get going and be productive with the NAPA Digital Visual Vehicle Inspection (DVVI)

DVVI 101 – Setup and Use

Welcome to the series of instructional videos for making your DVVI the most productive and fun tool in your toolbox!  NAPA DVVI is a tablet based application for performing vehicle inspections that enables dramatic cost saVINgs through automation and elimination of paper forms. DVVI  reduces time spent by both service advisors and technicians during the inspection process.  The DVVI application offers a rich set of settings, which make the DVVI a powerful instrument in your shop, but you may need some help getting setup.  The first video in the series, How to Setup and use the Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVVI), focuses on the basics and will get you started doing digital inspections. So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy your training. If you have further questions after the training, call the NAPA DVVI Hotline at +1 (844) 871-3430 for English or +1 (844) 871-3431 for French.

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+1 (844) 871-3430 for English

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