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SEO Research Each and every month, there are between 2,000 and 4,000 online searches for you*, from local potential customers. And in this case you means your shop specifically – not simply general automotive repair. So with thousands of loyal and future automotive customers attempting to find and contact you, the question remains: can they?


AutoVitals’ Three Ingredients to Success

1. The most results-producing service we provide is a highly visible internet presence. When automotive customers search google, your shop information and web page will be on the top of the first page, showing up before even a scroll of the mouse is necessary.

2. In addition to advanced web presence, a well-known reputation is crucial for the success of any business. By utilizing a variety of business directories and google, AutoVitals will allow customers to submit reviews on a number of sites. These highly-satisfied customers willingly praise your business on the internet, building the reputation of your shop and increasing likelihood of repeat visits and new motorists.

3. Lastly, our technology team will design and create an informative, engaging website for the use of your customers. Not only will this increase your web presence, but also increase the likelihood that potential customers will find the information about your automotive shop they are looking for.

The exclusive  and comprehensive approach taken at AutoVitals creates a strong web presence, resulting in 40+ contact requests from automobile owners each month.

AutoVitals’ Unmatched Approach

Customer reviews are leveraged in four unique ways, ensuring that the entirety of positive reviews are easily visible during motorist web searches.  We feature the ability to have reviews streamed directly to your custom-made website. The most glowing individual reviews are not only visible on search engines, but are also linked directly to your customized site. In addition, your shop and your reviews are also featured on the AutoVitals website, increasing your front page presence.  Because of these clearly linked user reviews, your business will have a 5-star ranking on Google, a one of a kind service provided by AutoVitals.

Website Details

Your website includes an engagement score, which the AutoVitals web team uses as a metric for success. But it is not simply our award-winning designs that improve traffic; our focus is to immediately engage the user within the average time spent on the homepage: just 15 seconds. This is accomplished by creating attractive, user-friendly interfaces that allow the potential customer to simply discover any and all information regarding your shop. In our ever-advancing world, more than 25% of website visits are now made by mobile devices. With AutoVitals, you may use your dashboard to deliver a promotion or special to your mobile website, reaching clients on both mobile devices and traditional computers.

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Jerylin and Garry Plimmer Garry’s Automotive Boise, ID

Uwe, Just a quick note to express my pleasure on how well our Google search results have improved since you folks have gone to work on our website! I know we can’t always expect the top rating, but you guys have dramatically improved how well or customers can find us. My hat is off to you and your crew! Please keep up the good work. 



* area with population of 60,000

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