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Digital Supervisor Training kickstarts you into the Digital Shop World.

Six months after you switched to a Smartphone, you discovered this great feature by accident, which saved you tons of time. Two years after you introduced the new Point of Sale software, your service advisor found this one trick, which helped speeding up the estimate building. Time is Money, isn’t it?

We have developed that plan for taking your shop paperless and it’s called Digital Supervisor Training. At Digital Supervisor Training you will learn the step-by-step process for taking your shop paperless in 12 Days and walk away with a handbook, an iPad mini and a SmartFlow trial license to get started right away!

Digital Supervisor Training Team

Frank Scandura

Owner of
Frank’s European

Las Vegas, NV

Digital since November 2014

Joe Pegoraro

Owner of
Pegoraro Auto Repair

Vancouver, WA

Digital since November 2014

Interested in Becoming a Trainer?

Interested in Becoming a Trainer?

Call Uwe at (866) 949-2848 ext. 103

Carrisa Friedman

Manager of Sacramento Specialty Automotive

Sacramento, CA

Digital since May 2014

Carole Haskett Anderton

Co-Owner of First Landing Autocare at Thoroughgood and Shore Drive

Virginia Beach, VA

Digital since September 2014

Bill Connor

Manager of
Craig’s Car Care

Allen (Dallas), TX

Digital since June 2014

Al Harris

Former Service Manager

Londonderry, NH

Digital since June 2014

Jake Hilliard

Co-Owner of
Tires Too

Apex, NC

Digital since June 2014

How Does it Work?

Digital Supervisor Training is a one-day training seminar for shop owners to learn best practices and receive hands-on instructions using The Digital Shop solution SmartFlow. Our team of veteran shop owners will show you how going digital in 12 days with SmartFlow changed their business. They lead you through a comprehensive hands-on training of instruction about…

  • How techs use the tablet for time clocking, inspections, work order and looking up info (e.g., Identifix)
  • How service advisor(s) use SmartFlow to manage technicians and customer expectations
  • How to implement proven best practices and standard operating procedure the next day in your business.

The Digital Supervisor training is included in the SmartFlow Setup Fee. As a SmartFlow customer, you will receive a discount code and then fill out the form on the right to sign up for a training in your area. Not a SmartFlow client? Please fill out the form on the right as well and receive a tablet before the training but upon payment.

Want to make it free? Bring a fellow shop owner, and you will get your fee reimbursed after your referral finishes the training.

We offer a unique opportunity to make the training highly effective to you:

  • Take your tablet we will have sent to you, once you signed up and
  • Go to the Digital Supervisor Training Preparation and
  • Follow the instructions in the video

Where can I attend training?

We are currently running Digital Supervisor Training at the 7 locations listed below.

Click on the shop name below to get to their website and
Click on the address to find out the training location and the directions to the nearest hotel!!

  • Frank’s European  |  1931 N Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89108
  • First Landing Auto Care  | 2114 Thoroughgood Rd.Virginia Beach, VA 23455
  • Craig’s Car Care 1005 W Lucas Rd, Allen, TX 75002
  • Pegoraro Auto Repair 3110 NE Minnehaha St, Vancouver, WA 98663
  • Sacramento Specialty Automotive1001 Richards Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
  • Tires Too 1 Rockingham Rd, Londonderry, NH 03053
  • AutoVitals Digital Operations Center  |  1229 Perry Rd Suite 108. Apex/Raleigh NC 27502

Training Dates

All scheduled training dates have been listed below. If you can’t find a date or location that works for you, stay tuned! New dates are added frequently.

Digital Supervisor Training Calendar

What will I take away from the training?

Our intense 1 day hands on agenda involves practice using SmartFlow with our Standard Operating Procedures and supporting practices. The training will enable you lead your team and achieve a paperless operation and do the following:


    • Take your inspections from Good to Great – Refined and standardized inspection process that has the following benefits
      1. Inspections performed in logical manner every time
      2. Standard pictures for every inspection from the picture policy
      3. Technician selecting conditions and actions to expedite estimate building
      4. Increased customer satisfaction due to consistency in shop visit experience
    • Wow your customers using AutoVitals Digital Process- Set their expectation of a great experience at customer drop off and meet or exceed that expectation using the digital process.
      1. Learn how to setup a proper customer drop of process which takes advantage of excellent digital inspections and the technology in your shop.
      2. Practice customer expectation management using our drop off process so that you are ready to put it to work the next day.
      3. Learn and practice the easiest way to put that excellent digital inspection report in front  of your customer via email, txt, or in person.
    • Get your Service Advisor selling more – Learn and practice selling techniques using that excellent digital inspection report so that your customers are able to understand via images and educational videos exactly what they need to know about their vehicle to say yes to repairs.
      1. Learn and practice inspection report editing techniques to increase effective customer communication.
      2. Learn and practice using the excellent inspection reports to sell more work and transition away from using your POS to make the sell.
    • Manage Your Technicians – Practice digital communications and workflow management to eliminate paper workorders and wasted technician time.
      1. Participate in a detailed hands on walkthrough of our Standard Operating Procedures which contain crystal clear actions for every workflow step.
      2. Practice using chat and SmartAlerts to eliminate wasted Technician and Service Advisor trips between the front counter and shop.
    • Get a handle on your shop’s performance – Learn how to easily interpret our reports and take immediate action to increase your shop’s performance.
      1. Participate in detailed discussion on the most critical and instantly useful reports.
      2. Practice interpreting reports and identifying actions that result in immediate improvement.
      3. Learn about detailed exercises to increase your shop’s proficiency at specific practices.
How you can prepare the training for best results!

Mandatory to-do’s before training

  •  **Make sure to bring a laptop computer to the training! It is very important that you bring a laptop in order to fully participate in the training course**

Things you can do to better prepare for training

  • Have the SmartFlow App Installed on a Tablet (If you are not a current SmartFlow user you will be able to download the trial. Click Here for information on how to download the trial app
  • Complete 30 inspections using SmartFlow App (Or Trial version if you are not a current user)

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Not using SmartFlow yet? Get 1 FREE iPad Mini per shop to get started the day after training.

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