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The Digital Workshop

Collaborate with fellow shop owners and turn your shop Digital!

Take the leap. We’ve got you covered!

Collaborate in The Digital Workshop and receive

Recipes for Success, Shared by Accomplished Peers

We offer true collaborative workshops in addition to our existing webinars, digital operations training, and interactive videos.

At an AutoVitals Digital Workshop you will meet fellow shop owners, service advisors and technicians, who represent a mix of veteran SmartFlow users, fresh paper-to-digital converts and curious “are the rumors true” attendees, who have all come to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Watch below for a preview of what to expect.

Who Should Attend

Shop owners who want to substantially increase profits and shop efficiency by learning best practices for operating a digital shop. To attain the most value from the workshop, veteran shop owners and industry experts will attend and share their expertise. Advanced Digital Shop subscribers receive a dedicated class on advanced techniques to get to the next level.

In a Workshop you can expect to:

  • Have a hands on experience with SmartFlow and learn the standard operating procedure for the best and most innovative solution on the market for running a digital shop.
  • Hear first hand accounts from successful shop owners about how they are increasing ARO at least $50-100 with a new digital operating system for their shop.
  • Learn best practices and tips for engaging motorists and retaining customers in the digital age
  • The last hours is dedicated to personal 1 on 1 session with each of you to wrap up and apply lessons learned to your shop with a dedicated AutoVitals team member. For $94 per participating shop, you will receive a handbook with detailed instructions tailored to your shop

When do the Digital Workshops take place?

See a full list of upcoming Partner Workshops below. Check back for updates if you don’t see one you can attend!

Digital Workshop Calendar

Typical Workshop Agenda

Although AutoVitals Partner workshops are designed to work along a set agenda and proven method, the key element that makes them so effective is the engagement among participants.  So, you will find that the agenda below is more of a guideline. For the first half of the workshop, we will walk through a real life reenactment of a day in the life of the AutoVitals shop in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures, opening the floor for discussion at all times. The second half of the day will be dedicated to a first hand learning experience with SmartFlow and in parallel the advanced class for advanced SmartFlow users. You and your team will be assigned a workstation with a tablet and computer running SmartFlow, and get a true hands on experience using SmartFlow in a shop from vehicle drop off to vehicle pick up.

Next Workshop

October 27 2018

Santa Barbara, CA


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Check-in – Meet and Greet (Hot Coffee and Donuts Included!)




Introductions. You’re not here to sit back and listen. You are here to engage and so be prepared to let everyone know your background, and what you are here to learn and share. You will also receive your workbook for the day, where you will keep your thoughts and notes for the day.



Standard Operating Procedures reenactment, Discussion and Role Play.
Lunch and Discussion. This is your chance to sit down to lunch with the other workshop participants and find out how things work differently or the same for them.



Hands on with SmartFlow. During this time you will be assigned a tablet and workstation with an instructor to guide you through a standard vehicle workflow process. This is where you get to experience the magic for yourself!



The last hours is dedicated to personal 1 on 1 session with each of you to wrap up and apply lessons learned to your shop. It’s time to share what take-aways you intend to implement when you get back to the shop and discuss your thoughts and plans with a dedicated AutoVitals team member.