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The Digital Shop App

Want To Test Out Digital Inspections?

The Digital Shop App

The Digital Shop app enables you to use a shortened inspection sheet to take images and make actions on a vehicle, Using the app you will be able to text or email the inspection results.

iPad / iPhone

For the Fitness Test You need to be mobile to move freely around the perimeter of your shop.

Android Devices

For the Fitness Test You need to be mobile to move freely around the perimeter of your shop.

Download The App

Run Fitness Test and get guided through the whole process. Take a screen shot of your results.

Demo Mode

Use the app to try out some digital inspections using a shortened version of an inspection sheet

Send Inspection

After You have completed an inspection you can send by SMS or email to customers or employees.

Real Shops

Click on The Digital Shop Peer Discussion to see what real shops who use the product are saying

Review 7 Touchpoints

Click on the menu button to review the 7 touchpoints and compare if your shop fits into before or after version

Shops Like me

Check out testimonials from shops around the country more available here

Complete Inspections and Workflow

To review complete workflow automation and full digital inspection platform learn more about SmartFlow X

Use your own tablets, purchase them from us, or lease them

Why Tablets?

The Complete SmartFlow X platform is equipped with customizable inspection sheets, video editing, image enhancements and so much more. This platform is available on tablets not smartphones, due to its complexity in the full version.

Want To Know More Before you Buy?

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Schedule a Demonstration

In a 1-on-1 consultation with a specialist you will be able to see how The Digital Shop platfrom works in a real shop and have your questions answered and explained.

Demo The App

Download The Digital Shop App and begin trying out how Digital inspections work. Send inspections by text and e-mail. Demo has limited functionality.

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Are you certain The Digital Shop is the platform for you. We know you independents, we won't try to stop you.