ASCCA Digital Olympics - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the ASCCA 2015 Digital Olympics
What is this all about?

The rumors are true.

Shops using Digital Inspections and Workflow Management have increased their ARO by more than 25%.

To good to be true? Check and listen how shop owners like you have achieved it.

Join this group of successful shops and enter the ASCCA Digital Olympics program. It is FREE for ASCCA members and will help you to achieve the same success.

Take your own tablet, download SmartFlow from the App Store or Google Play and sign up for the next webinar. We will reach out to you about the next steps right after signup. Don’t have a tablet yet? The first TEN signups receive a discount of $150 on a Tablet with case!

Ready? Take the next step into the future. Now!

Call (866) 949-2848 for more information.

Program Overview

The Digital Olympics go through the following phases:

  • Pre-Heats (starting May 12)
  • Opening Ceremony (at the Summer Conference)
  • Initial Races
  • Conclusion and Award Ceremony

Participation in the Olympics requires a tablet (iPad Mini, full size iPad, different kinds of Android makes, see here for recommendations). That is it. If you don’t own one already, there are plenty of opportunities to either get one for free or at a highly discounted price ($150 off the regular price). AND it will include a case for the rugged shop environment.

During the course of the program, webinars and other events will allow you to gain experience about Digital Inspections and how it helps increasing ARO, technician and service advisor productivity in your shop. These events are FREE to ASCCA members.

Once you have a tablet, you download SmartFlow from the App Store or Google Play, sign up with your shop credentials and you are ready to go!

You can use SmartFlow FREE of charge for training during the whole duration of the Olympics. During that process you will earn points by

  • Attending the webinars
  • Answering surveys
  • Interactive Training on
  • Visit our booth at Summer Conference (where you can get a tablet for free)
  • Perform Inspections with lots of images and email them to your customers
  • and more

As you collect points and reach 200 you will be able to purchase the Inspection only portion of SmartFlow for 50% –  $129.50

As you reach the level of  ‘Grand Master of Digital Inspection’  and take home a medal, you will receive a discount up to $300 towards the full SmartFlow program or a free iPad and case

Digital Inspection and Workflow Management tool fully integrated with your POS software.

More Questions?  Call (866) 949-2848.

What happens during the Pre-Olympics
  • Prior to launch of the full program, Pre-Olympic Heats including educational webinars listed below will be conducted so that early adopters’ initial success can be presented at the Summer Conference. Go to to sign up.
  • Select shops will be invited to participate, selected from Chapter presidents, Chapter reps and the board. It is expected that these individuals will participate in the pre-olympic heats.
  • The first 5 participants receive a coupon code for $150 discount towards  the purchase of a tablet and case through the AutoVitals store
  • Bonus points awarded to all shops during the regular program launch will be awarded to early participants as well.
What can I expect during the Opening Ceremony
  • The program will be announced to the full membership during the ASCCA Summer Conference in a 45 minute presentation in the morning and a video during lunch
  • People will be allowed to sign up for the program onsite at the AutoVitals Booth and gain an initial 50 bonus points towards a prize at conclusion of the Olympics
  • They may also purchase SmartFlow onsite during the Summer Conference and receive a Tablet and Case for Free.
  • Best practices education right at the conference by ASCCA veterans.
What are the Initial Races all about
  • Beginning the week of June 22nd AutoVitals will conduct weekly hands-on webinars for up to 30 attendees each.
    • A tablet is required for each attendee
    • The 1st, 5th, 10th. and 15th attendee registering for and attending the first three webinars (total of 12 attendees) receive a coupon code for $150 discount towards  the purchase of a tablet and case through the  AutoVitals store ($199 total cost. A $350 value).
    • Registration will be performed at a ASCCA specific web page
    • A fully functional version of the SmartFlow application can be downloaded for free from Google Play (for Android tablets) or from the Apple App Store (for iPads).
    • The webinar 101 covers
      • How to perform a digital inspection successfully?
      • Dos and Don’ts of introducing digital inspections in your shop
      • How to increase ARO by more than 25% (see also
    • After the webinar,  a follow-up interactive training video provides reinforcement of lessons learned during webinar, and is used to gauge subject material retention through quizzing throughout the video. Upon successful completion of the training video, 100 credits are awarded to the viewer, which can be applied as a 50% discount towards the purchase of the Digital Inspection service.


What happens at the end of the program
  • In September we will conclude the initial phase of the program with a live awards webcast.
    • A presentation of results
    • An award ceremony
    • Comments from the participants
    • Best practices – Lessons learned during the program.
Can I use my Smartphone?

Even the biggest smartphones are too small for performing  inspections efficiently. Please use your tablet or get one in the AutoVitals store or any electronics retailer of your choice.

How do I become a Grandmaster of Digital Inspection?

The Grandmaster of Digital Inspection title will be awarded to the shop, which achieves the following results per location during the Olympics:

  • 1,000 inspections finished
  • 4,000 pictures taken
  • 500 inspection results emailed.
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