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Concours Motors Goes Digital

See how one California Shop Owner made the transition from paper to digital and transformed his shop.

JR Luna from Concours Motors Knew He Needed to Make a Change…

Running a successful auto repair shop is challenging. We understand the event driven & complex nature, and have replaced the paper-based process with a new digital shop. Are you ready to go digital?

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The Shop Before

Getting motorists to authorize more jobs is tough. Trying to describe vehicle work on the phone doesn’t seem to get the point across anymore. Motorists need more information.



The Shop Before

Getting motorists to authorize more jobs is tough. Trying to describe vehicle work on the phone doesn’t seem to get the point across anymore. Motorists need more information.

The Shop Before

Explaining a complex issue to a motorist over the phone? Challenging. Motorists expect more information and want to understand the repairs to their vehicle.

The Shop Before

Do you know how much an idle tech minute costs you? We do, and it’s not pretty. Every minute your techs are not doing assigned work you are losing over $4 Dollars!

The Shop Before

Time is wasted doing simple things like running to the service advisor or looking up information. Even on simple jobs like an oil change.

The Shop Before

Motorists ask “Why should I do this now and what happens if I put it off?” They rarely understand the service advisor’s hand waVINg and pointing to the inspection results. As a result authorization rates are low.

The Shop Before

You spend a considerable amount of time finding ways to improve your business. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Inspection Result Trends Before v3

Authorization Time before v3
Authorization Time After v3


There is always one tool in the shops tool box that produces the best return on investment. Today that is AutoVitals’s SmartFlow.

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How much is your shop missing out on?

How much time and money are you leaVINg on the table, and in what areas of your shop do you need the most improvement? Fill out the questions about your shop below and find out how much opportunity you are really missing out on.

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