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AutoVitals offers the most comprehensive web-based marketing solution in the industry. There is a service for every shop leveraging the power of the internet.

AutoVitals for Auto Repair Shops

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Vital Contact Vital Interactive Vital Social
I am focused on new customers and will add customer retention later x
I already have a customer retention program and just want to add customer acquisition  x  x*
 I already have a website and would like to switch to a more effective customer retention system x x
 I have 3 or more vendors for all the bells and whistles one needs nowadays and want to significantly reduce my expenses. I prefer one vendor, who is accountable for all results. x
 I am always interested in the latest web-based methods to connect to my customers, but I’d like to focus on the ways that produce tangible results. x
 * AutoVitals can integrate with any shop management software and thus is easy to be introduced into your shop


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AutoVitals Description of Services

Let us demonstrate to you why we are confident to provide the highest value for the lowest cost in the industry.

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Mitch Schneider, Schneiders Automotive, Simi Valley, CA



The results we’ve enjoyed through AutoVitals are exemplary. Uwe’s depth and breadth of knowledge is astounding. The value is hard to calculate since virtually all of our new client acquisition is coming through our work with AutoVitals.

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