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D&H Enterprises Travels to the Future

A case study on the progress of moVINg to a paperless shop with SmartFlow

A case study following D&H Enterprises, a 9 bay shop in Concord California, while they move from yesterday’s technology into the future. Recently, owners Dave and Mary Kemnitz made the decision after 20 years in business that it was time to take a look at workflow automation to help improve their business process. D&H chose AutoVitals SmartFlow, which combines digital inspections, tablet based worksheets and visual workflow displays unified with world class workflow automation to get the job done.  In this case study you can follow along as D&H progresses through the implementation process. You’ll see video taken at their shop and be able to read their blog updates. You can also subscribe to email updates so you wont miss a step as they move from 60’s technology into the future of in shop workflow automation.

In the Beginning

In this video we hear about how D&H technicians and service writers work today what they expect to see change as they go paperless and what the shop owners had in mind when they decided to implement SmartFlow.  NOTE: For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode

Project Timeline

Links will appear here for each step in the project as it grows.

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