Customer Acquisition

Dominate local search results and stand out from the competition

Customer acquisition is a broad term used to identify the processes and procedures used to locate, qualify, and ultimately secure the business of new customers. The modern motorist, your prospective customer, uses an internet browser and search engine to find a repair or service solution for their vehicle in their area.

Most often, someone searching will make the decision on which shop to choose based on reviews and search ranking. Among the list of hundreds of shops listed, the few that rank highest in the list, especially the ones that stand out with 5 star ratings, are the ones most often chosen.

Dominating local search results by showing up multiple times is key since you stand out from your competition and it pushes out other shops out of the results.

Reputation as a trusted resource is key. Reviews with 5 star ratings build your reputation with un-biased input from real customers. Relevant search specific content engages and educates the motorist and makes your site a more desirable destination than one with simple marketing information.

A website that is optimized for mobile and desktop viewing is critical since most motorists looking for service will be searching on-the-go from their mobile device.

Watch how Joe attracts new customers better than his competition..

Watch how Joe attracts new customers better than his competition.

  • New customers who use web search to find a shop 83%
  • % Searches performed from a mobile device 63%
  • Increase in web visits using specialty and video content 57%


A Search Engine Optimized, effective and engaging website grabs a customers attention and keeps them on your site longer resulting in more appointments.


Reach and communicate with customers and prospects when they are on the go.  80% of web searches are performed via a mobile device.


Specialty specific pages promote your unique repair or service expertise to target motorists looking for specialty service in your area.


Adding service recommendation videos to your website educates and engages customers at the moment they are looking for help.


Vital Contact provides shop owners with three key ingredients for customer acquisition from the web. Get Found by dominating local search results and standing out from the competition. Build a Reputation as a trusted resource with 5-Star reviews, educational videos and shop owner authored pages. Engage Visitors with relevant information formatted for their platform (mobile or PC) and then drive them to contact you.



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The AutoVitals Service Recommendation Videos are designed to give shop owners easy access to an extensive library of professionally produced video segments covering a wide range of auto service and repair topics. Using this library, shop owners can provide their customers with a short educational experience about a specific service or repair in a form that is unobtrusive and provides a level of comfort for the motorist they might not otherwise experience.

AutoVitals leverages social media to keep in touch with your audience. It is the easiest way to acquire and retain customers. A constant stream of relevant and entertaining content will keep your customers engaged and give them an opportunity to share your posts and refer their friends. Most importantly you can listen to what your customers are saying and respond to any inquiries in a timely fashion. Vital Social keeps you online and in touch with your customers and prospects.
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