The Benefits of Real-Time Database Extraction

The AutoVitals Real-Time Database Extraction (RTDBE)  is designed to give shop owners and Service Advisor easy access to data the shop management software stores in its database, but doesn’t display in a user friendly and effective manner. Using the RTDBE, the service advisor is able to leverage a list of features not offered by the SMS.

  • Emails appointment confirmations to your customers automatically
  • Maintains a Google Calendar of your shop appointments so you can see them on any device
  • Secures 100% data integrity, no duplicate entries, no delay in capturing the information
  • Identifies and importes Canned Jobs and applies them on the Electronic Inspection Sheet (EIS)
  • Provides Service History on the EIS
  • Provides Recommended Jobs on the EIS to the tech based on jobs found in the database already performed on the same vehicle type
  • Presents Estimates to Motorists in conjunction with images taken of the problem area and service recommendations videos
  • Provides complete Backup Service of your database
  • Transfers data from shop’s server to AutoVitals server in background process, so no running software is impacted
  • Small footprint on computer
  • Installation in less than 2 minutes
  • Delay between action on SMS computer and display on AutoVitals on average smaller than 5 minutes
  • Highly secure data communication, no replica of database can be created

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