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AutoVitals Cloud based solutions for Shop Productivity, Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention



Debbie Driver

Debbie is a motorist searching for an auto repair shop near home and work that she can trust. She values convenience and makes decisions based on customer reviews and web research.
Acquire New Customers
Customer Acquisition solutions that make your shop stand out from the rest by dominating local search. 5-Star customer reviews and engaging content help you build a reputation as a trusted resource for auto repair.
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Vital Social
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Interact After Drop Off
While the customers vehicle is in the shop, use text messages and email to forward pictures and educational videos helping them understand required service and instantly approve.
  • Customer Retention
  • Video Recommendations Library
Retain Customers
Customer Retention solutions to maintain trust and reputation while staying connected with your customers. Mobile App and integration to your SMS enable personalized engagement.
  • Customer Retention
  • SmartFlow
  • Video Library
  • Watch the Video

Service Advisor Bill

Bill uses AutoVitals to eliminate busy work and prioritize work for the techs as well as focus on motorist communication and education.
Workflow Automation
SmartFlow supports process improvement and automation of your existing shop workflow while increasing quality and profits.
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  • What is Workflow Automation?
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Customer Retention
Customer Retention keeps your customers coming back again and again
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Customer Acquisition
Web Presence AutoVitals Web Presence solutions makes your shop highly visible in web search results. On the desktop or in mobile.
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Sam the Super Tech

Sam finally got the tool he dreamed of. Vehicle inspections and a digital worksheet on a tablet make his work easy. It gets rid of paper and enables him to provide 'Super Tech' solutions.
Tech Tools
Sam has all the information at his fingertips.
  • Tech Testimonial
  • Digital Inspections
  • SmartFlow

Shop Owner Joe

Joe's life is so much better now. SmartFlow has not only increased his shops visibility, it has also become the platform for all services, even customer acquisition and retention. Key metrics help him to manage his shop and identify actions quickly. SmartFlow in Action
Process Improvement
AutoVitals workflow automation solution SmartFlow supports process improvement and automation of your existing shop workflow while increasing work quality and profit.
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