AutoVitals TV Custom Content Upload

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Let’s get started with your video customization

Thank you for purchasing a license for the AutoVitals TV Service Recommendation Library. This is where you can upload the additional content for your customized AutoVitals TV.

First use the button below to download a copy the script you’ll use while recording your audio or video introduction and exit.

Download the Video Script

Once you are done recording you can use this same page and then click this next button to upload your custom content.

In addition to the audio or video files, you will also need a high resolution digital head and shoulders picture of yourself and THREE additional pictures; Your shop logo, A nice bright shot of the outside of your shop and picture of your shop team maybe at the front desk or in the shop.


What you can expect

As soon as  you upload your custom content a member of the AutoVitals TV crew will be notified by email and within 2 business days we will begin production of your custom video library. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your content. Make sure you review the information in that email to make sure we have everything right since that is what we will use to produce your video.

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