AllData vs. AutoVitals

How do the AllData Market products compare to their AutoVital counterparts

Although the AllData Market solutions are similar in function to some of AutoVitals solutions, they were designed based on the requirements of AllData to provide only a subset of AutoVitals’ own products.  And since the time they were designed AutoVitals has implemented a array of new features and several new ground breaking products and solutions that have not been available to AllData customers until now.

In the page below we will provide you first with a matrix of toolsets for you to briefly explore the differences and similarities among the AllData and AutoVitals versions, and then a some discussion about a few of the features available in each product. Towards the bottom of the page you will also find links to the individual products for more detailed information about each.

You might also like to view the video to the right of the screen that shows shows hour our flagship product SmartFlow is used at one customer shop and how it helps  them to improve their business process, increase their average repair order and keep customer coming back again and again.

Watch how Craigs Car Care improves the bottom line with SmartFlow..

Automating the business process and workflow automation with Shopflow.

ALLDATA vs. AutoVitals Products

In the table below we list the features available in the new AutoVitals products in comparison to the ALLDATA product.

ALLDATA Market Features


 Note: All of the features listed below are AutoVital product features IN ADDITION to the ALLData product features. 

AutoVitals PRODUCT

Vital Contact


Vital Retention

Vital Interactive

Vital Social




Plat Lite


Total Pkg

Mobile Website X     X X
Mobile Application     X X X
Loyalty Point System     X X already included
Tire Widget Add-On   N.A. Add-On X
Video Library Add-On   N.A. Add-On X
Google Review Campaign N.A.   Add-On Add-On X
Videos featured on Google Search         X
Key Metrics X   X X X
Website design X     X X
Standard hosted website, including appointment request and contact pages X     X X
Optimized Google® rankings X     X X
Customer reviews requested, collected and posted on your website and the Internet     X X X
Real-time integration with your shop management system (SMS)     X X X
High rankings in a variety of search engines, such as Yahoo® and Bing®       X X
System Dashboard (Pages Include: E-mail address collection and newsletters) X   X X X
Import customer and vehicle data     X X X
Google account for shop-owned domain with email and calendar for scheduling appointments and document sharing     X X X
Recall alert subscription     X X X
Fast image upload and file sharing with customers.     X X X
Pick-up notification by email and text message     X X X
Educational topics for newsletters and other communication     X X X
Personalized vehicle service recommendations and reminders     X X X
Generic service reminders: One fixed configurable service interval for all makes/models          
Marketing campaign management: telephone, email, and postcard campaigns     X X X
Appointment reminders via email and text messages     X X X
Motorist Vehicle Service Center: Service history and copy of invoices accessible to the shop’s customers. Also, view recall alerts and service recommendations     X X X
Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google Plus® accounts with updates twice a week         X
Loyalty Points Program (Brochures and counter materials available to promote this program).         X
Facebook app “MyCarVitals” for personalized vehicle info and review sharing. Includes personal car link-up between customers and database         X


Upgrade from AllData Market to AutoVitals

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A Search Engine Optimized, effective and engaging website grabs a customers attention and keeps them on your site longer resulting in more appointments.


Reach and communicate with customers and prospects when they are on the go.  80% of web searches are performed via a mobile device.


Specialty specific pages promote your unique repair or service expertise to target motorists looking for specialty service in your area.


Adding service recommendation videos to your website educates and engages customers at the moment they are looking for help.

Below is a list of AutoVitals products and links for more information.

Vital Contact provides shop owners with three key ingredients for customer acquisition from the web. Get Found by dominating local search results and standing out from the competition. Build a Reputation as a trusted resource with 5-Star reviews, educational videos and shop owner authored pages. Engage Visitors with relevant information formatted for their platform (mobile or PC) and then drive them to contact you.


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The AutoVitals Service Recommendation Videos are designed to give shop owners easy access to an extensive library of professionally produced video segments covering a wide range of auto service and repair topics. Using this library, shop owners can provide their customers with a short educational experience about a specific service or repair in a form that is unobtrusive and provides a level of comfort for the motorist they might not otherwise experience.

AutoVitals leverages social media to keep in touch with your audience. It is the easiest way to acquire and retain customers. A constant stream of relevant and entertaining content will keep your customers engaged and give them an opportunity to share your posts and refer their friends. Most importantly you can listen to what your customers are saying and respond to any inquiries in a timely fashion. Vital Social keeps you online and in touch with your customers and prospects.

Todays motorists desire a personalized experience and shops that communicate when and how motorists want to be reached building long lasting relationships with their customers. Vital Retention from AutoVitals enables you to leverage real time integration with your Shop Management System to personalize communication with your customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Using SmartFlow to automate their workflow process shops can improve productivity and eliminate the use of paper racks. Enabled with digital inspections and a completely paperless back-shop, you can save a ton of time, get increased visibility into your process, and you’re able to communicate better with your customers.

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