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Want to find out how to double the number of new internet customers you are getting from your current web hosting company?  Would you like to increase your ARO by over $100? Do you need to make sure your team members are both productive and effective? AutoVitals can show you how. And, with the KPI Dashboard, you’ll be able to track these statistics leveraging your live shop data.

During a webinar with ATI Shops we asked Scott Meyers owner of  Meyers Auto Tech, and Steve Wuestoff owner of Pro-Cat Auto in New Jersey to joined us and tell it like it is.

Scott Meyers – Owner Meyers Auto Tech

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Steve Wuesthoff – Owner Pro-Cat Auto

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Webinar Overview

During the webinar Jimmy Lea and Tom Dorsey of AutoVitals were joined by two shop owners, Scott Meyers of Meyers Autotech in Kenniwick WA and Steve Wuesthoff of Pro-Cat Auto in Tom’s River NJ to discuss three primary trends and challenges that are being faced by all auto shop owners.

Scott Meyers - Pry the Tablets from their Cold Dead HandsThe first is that as the average motorist has become fully reliant on the internet for information about everything. They have turned to the internet to educate themselves about repairs as well instead of their trusted local auto shop.

In addition to internet technology motorists expect interactions with their vendors and service providers through their personal and mobile technology as well. They expect emails and text messages with details about their recommended repair work including pictures and graphics, whereas many shops still rely on grease smudged hand written paperwork with limited documentation or explanation about what the results say.

Finally, we address productivity in the shop. Lack of process, poor communication tools and limited use of technology in the back shop leaves money on the table by missing opportunities for customer satisfaction. Limited use of technology also plays a factor in a shop’s ability to attract the best and brightest new technicians who have grown up with and expect them same or higher levels of technology in the shop as the tech savvy motorist.

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What do other ATI shops owners have to say?

This year is our best year ever, and the Guys love it (SmartFlow). You couldn’t pry the tablets out of their cold dead hands now

Scott Meyers - Meyers Auto Tech

SmartFlow tremendously helps the technicians to organize their thoughts to help the service writer sell. They categorize recommendations in perspective of the customer according to Safety, Reliability and longevity.

Steve Wuesthoff - Pro-Cat Auto

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