ATI Super Conference 2015 Show Special

Thanks for Visiting with AutoVitals at ATI Super Conference

There is still time to take advantage of our Super Conference Show Special

Special ends on March 31st 

AutoVitals ATI Super Conference

Super Conference 2015 was a Great Time

Thanks for hanging out with AutoVitals at Super Conference 2015

AutoVitals Bonus Break Out Session

The overflow from Uwe’s standing room only presentation was out the door and into the hall.

The Three Amigos

Everyone was Pancho by the end of dinner Wednesday night

SmartFlow with TeE-Times

Thanks for visiting with AutoVitals at the ATI Super Conference 2015. We had a great time and I am sure you did to. We had such overwhelming interest in SmartFlow with TeE-Times during the Vendor Fail and at our Bonus Break Out Session, that have extended our Show Special until the end of March.

Here are the details for new customers.

  • As an ATI member you are entitled to a %15 discount on SmartFlow  (Regularly $799)  — $679
  • Purchase now and get a tablet and case for free ($350 Value). — FREE
  • Add the TeE-Times option for only $49 per month (Regularly $99) — $49 per month

If  you are already a SmartFlow Customer

  • You can get the TeE-Times add on for $49 per month too.

SmartFlow with TeE-Times

With the new TeE-Times SmartFlow add-on, technicians Clock-In on their tablet in the morning, pause for lunch, and Clock-Out before they go home. Each billable work step gets recorded as work is done.  No more punching in an out on the wall clock. And with billing goals and work pace prominently displayed on each team members tablet they can also keep track of their own progress.

Im Ready for my TeE-Time. Sign Me up!

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201 - Configuring Inspection Sheets
301.1 - SmartFlow Requirements
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301.3 - TVP Intro
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301.5 - TVP: Service Advisor Steps
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