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The Digital Shop

The Digital Shop allows your shop to reach today’s motorist and provides you with all the tools to effectively, reach, communicate with and educate your customers, this motorist-centric model is based on 7 touch points of motorist shop engagement. The rest is just work.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

Join us for the reveal of the most exciting tool to hit the industry thus far. The Business Control Panel shows you not only the hard numbers but also your team’s behavior so you can manage metrics not emotions!

KPI metrics are key to run your shop effectively. ATI and AutoVitals’ alliance has taken it to the next step and we’d like to invite you to discover how you can use it a Control panel for your business. A true time saver!

Targeted Reporting

The performance of everyone on the shop using the AutoVitals system is already measured. Those stats are now available to compare to primary KPIS to provide transparency and accountability with your team.

Time Savings

Right now you have to do some digging to get to your numbers, if you wanted to compare stats to get some insights it takes a lot of detective work and time, after all that is done than the information needs to be copied into your ATI portal before discussing with your coach. Now all those steps are managed seamlessly in one location.

case study

We Became a 3 Million Dollar Shop Within Three Years of Opening…

If someone had told me “say, you open up Skyline and  became a 3 million dollar shop in 10 years, would you be happy?’ I would have said “Oh yeah!  That would be the ultimate thing if that happened I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!”

Organized Data & Metrics

Metrics are available at your finger tips. By creating a two way integration with your SMS/POS we can pull your shop data and create key point indicators for your business metrics and share this with your ATI business coach for the two of you to review goals and automatically generated frequency report, alerts set via goals per metric threshold, and valuable comparison to a shop that is like you over time.

SMS Integration

If we integrate with your SMS we will be able to pull your shop information and organize your data in a user friendly dashboard for you and your coach to review

Goal Setting and Alerts

Set goals for key metrics and alerts when numbers fall below a certain threshold.

An SEO Strategy Based on Education

Of course you want to dominate search results in your local area. We got that covered. But motorists have changed the searches they make in order to find auto repair, they are making a variety of searches and landing on videos telling them why you are overpriced, even that they could do it themselves. Educate your customers at first search so you don’t have to re- educate them later.

Time saver

New customers line up when you educate them for what terms they are looking to research. Your shop becomes an online resource and educational platform.

Local Results

Rank for a variety of makes, models, services and educational topics

Flawless Collaboration

Motorists have adapted to the fast paced life technology provides. Transparency is the new currency of trust. ATI’s proven best practices for service advisors combined with AutoVitals digital tools will engage digital motorists as they require.  When they order a pizza, they can track its progress from order to delivery, but when they drop their car off with you they are anxious and don’t know what is coming next. Keep them up to date with notifications for every time their vehicle moves through a workflow step, visual digital inspections and notifications for pick up.

Digital Inspections

Provide transparency, create trust. Digital inspections allow motorists to view your findings and watch videos on why the job is important.


It’s never been easier to keep your customer informed. Reduce customer anxiety by notifying them of their vehicles progress every step of the way.

Retain Your Digital Customer Base

Motorists educate themselves no matter whether they look for your shop or get a second opinion about the needs for the proposed work on their vehicle. Images and videos of their vehicle make the needs real. Using these images and videos in service and appointment reminders puts ATI’s coaching to work. These campaigns have never been easier. Using the Autovitals campaign manager you can set up service reminders, lost customer campaigns, even target specific jobs or makes. The campaign manager can be set up and run on auto pilot or used as often as you like to create mobile friendly campaigns and view them right in the builder.

Fast & Easy

Pre designed templates allow you to brand your reminders and send them off in a few clicks.

Appointments are Easy if you remind me!

Give your customers a little nudge by targeting specific groups and make it easy for them to make an appointment.

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Latest News

Press Release on ATI and AutoVitals Alliance

AutoVitals Inc announced a strategic alliance with, ATI, the leader in business coaching in the automotive industry. AutoVitals (AV), the leader in Web-based motorist engagement, digital inspections, and workflow management, will support ATI’s strategies to accelerate growth and increase ARO and profitability in its shops. The so called The Digital Shop strategy is centered around coaching the shop using ATIs proven business practices, methodology and incorporate AV’s 7 touch points and digital shop strategy. This industry-first alliance will benefit mutual clients in the auto repair and service industry to engage their clients in a more holistic way. The alliance allows for ATIs long standing and effective coaching methods to be applied  successfully in a fast-moving digital world by leveraging Autovitals’ technology and tools to better support a growing range of customers: Motorists on smartphones and other digital devices. The alliance will allow shops to meet the changing motorists demands for vehicle-specific education, transparency, and constant flow of updated information. By aligning ATI coaching principles and AutoVitals’ web based tools, mutual clients will be able to improve shop operations and marketing effectiveness by record highs, clients have become accustomed to celebrate double and triple increases in results .

“This alliance is a significant commitment to The Digital Shop by our mutual clients, ATI and AutoVitals. Motorists make decisions based on educational information, often digested on a smartphone. Since transparency has become the new currency of trust, the engagement between service advisor and customers is undergoing a significant change. This alliance equips our mutual clients with the best tools and practices to master this change.” said Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO of AutoVitals.  

Bryan Stasch, Vice President of Product at ATI, points out that “This alliance has been the result of our collaboration over multiple years. Based on the feedback of mutual clients and our strategic steps for the future, we are excited to bring more value to the marketplace with this alliance. Decades of experience in coaching shop owners and their service advisors make us confident that digital education is the next step in creating a loyal customer base for our clients.”



From your shop’s website, to workflow notifications, inspection results and service reminders. Our entire platform is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop uses.

Support Database

A dedicated support library with release notes, training, and FAQ. In addition to workshops and training in various locations nationwide.

Your Branding Goes Digital

Consistent branding from the time you are searched online, to the notifications your customers receive, the digital inspection report and of course service reminders. Your digital brand reinforces what you stand for and how your customers think of you.

One Vendor Solution

Allow ATI to coach you through making business decisions and let AutoVitals manage your web, workflow, digital inspections, customer communication, and CRM. The user experience for the motorist is uniform, the shop has one vendor to communicate with and one tool set to learn.

Digital Shop Discussion

Use The Digital Shop Talk forum to discuss product releases, best practices and even weigh in on feature requests.

Updating to Keep You Ahead

We update our platform regularly to accomodate feature requests, changes to the market, and to make sure you are providing your customers with the best technology. Learn about being a turbo user to be a pilot shop for new features or stay on the standard platform and receive updates less frequently.

Super Conference 2018

Where to find AutoVitals in the mix and talk to us about the alliance, products, or just say hello again!

Digital Shops Awarded with ATI Top Shop Honors

Babcock Auto Care LLC

Rochester, MN

Jeana and Jeremy Babcock

With many years of automotive repair experience, we opened our first shop in Rochester, MN with partners in 2002. After much prayer and consideration, seeing that our goals were no longer the same, we dissolved the partnership in March of 2011. With support and encouragement from our loyal customers, family and friends we decided to open a new automotive repair shop. After leasing and remodeling a facility in NW Rochester, we opened the doors to Babcock Auto Care on July 1st, 2011 with the combined goal of Building Relationships One Vehicle At A Time. Knowing we cannot obtain this goal on our own we have worked hard to create a team that has our same goal of building relationships while providing excellent auto repair and maintenance services to our customers in Rochester and surrounding areas. Being the home of the Mayo Clinic, there are many visitors to our area seeking medical treatment. It is our joy to offer honest and complete auto care when these guests are in need as well. With the plans for Destination Medical Center (DMC), we are excited to offer our services to many in the future as Rochester grows.

Ben Nielsen’s Skyline Automotive

Falls Church, VA

Ben and Erin Nielson

In fall of 2014, Ben Nielsen made his dreams of business ownership come true by purchasing Skyline Automotive. Ben has over eighteen years of leadership experience in the automotive and retail service industries with a local automotive company. With a strong work ethic encouraged by his father while growing up on a sawmill and farm in Georgia, Ben has always had a big picture focus and built long-term relationships with his customers, always taking care of each individual’s needs. Ben’s business philosophy centers on the concept that the customer experience is the most important service that can be offered. Ben believes in running a business with the highest level of integrity and thrives at putting the customer first and ensuring their experience is to their satisfaction.

5th Gear Automotive

Lewisville , TX

Bill Bernick and RIck Jordan

We specialize in European car repair and we service ALL makes and models. In addition to normal preventative maintenance, we offer high performance setup and tuning your vehicle including corner balancing, performance alignments and aggressive street or track set ups. We’ve been serving Lewisville and the surrounding communities of Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, Corinth, Denton, Carrollton, Dallas, and the rest of the greater DFW metroplex area for over 13 years by providing the absolute best in domestic, import, and European auto repair and service that is second to none.

We carry a full line of Red Line products, Royal Purple products and Motul Brake fluid.

We are also an Authorized Dealer and Installer of Rennline Parts and Accessories.

Krietz Auto Repair, Inc.

Frederick, MD

Charles R. Krietz Jr. and Kim Krietz

The year is now 2017 and Krietz Auto is celebrating our 35th year of business and I am proud of how far we have come over the past several years.

In the last two years, we have grown from a staff of 12 to 40+. We are a family owned and operated independent automotive dealership, and I am pleased to have my two sons working with me each day. Charles III is our General Manager and Cory is our Used Car Manager. Charles, Cory and I also have been doing the buying for our sales division. It’s always an adventure when we are out buying cars! My nephew, Adam, is also working as our Service Manager. Charles’ wife Laura is in charge of outside sales and marketing, while Cory’s wife Whitney is in charge of Human Resources. My sister Eva also works in the business as our Title Clerk. You might also see a “mini me” my first grandson, Ethan, running around the shop. Ethan is son to Charles and Laura. This March we also welcomed the arrival of Brynlee, daughter of Cory and Whitney. After all the boys, we are excited for a little princess!

I wish to personally thank each of my loyal customers in Frederick, MD and the surrounding local communities. Without your continued patronage and referrals, there would not be a Krietz Auto. My family and I are both grateful and humbled by the opportunity to keep your family’s vehicles on the road for so many years!

My next milestone is 40 years. I will be quite old, but I hope to have even more grandchildren helping me in some way in the business. I have truly surpassed my vision from 35 years ago. It has been many long hours and some sleepless nights, but “Wow! Look at me now!”

Murphy’s Auto Care, Inc.

Beavercreek, OH

Dave and Jan Murphy

Murphy’s Autocare is a family owned and operated, one-stop, super convenient, bumper-to-bumper, auto service center. We have provided top-notch quality service to the Dayton Ohio region and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for over 20 years. Murphy’s Autocare has been blessed with an ever-increasing customer base every year because of our highly trained staff and ASE certified technicians. Who are committed to delivering complete satisfaction in a comfortable, professional and prompt service manner for all your automotive repair and service issues.


I couldn’t imagine running my shop without AutoVitals. The platform allows visibility into my business like never before. I’m a pretty busy guy, I love that I can virtually keep an eye on my shop any time anywhere.

Mike Bennet

ATI Coach, Shop Owner

A 5 star review and they have earned it. Responsive to any questions or issues, a product that works very well, and most important to me is measurement tools that PROVE without any doubt, in real world measurements that SmartFlow, my Top Fuel Website, and all of their products are working for me.Proving their products are making you money ………….who else does that ??

Ron Haugen

Shop Owner , Westside AutoPros

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