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I assume you enjoyed the ASCCA Team Weekend as much as I did, especially when Dennis and I had the pleasure to present the Facebook Page dedicated to Motorists. Lets do the next step and add YOUR shop information to the Facebook Page so motorist find out more about your business. Here it is again.

Every minute 68,000 posts are added to Facebook. Imagine the power of referrals and opportunity for you to be considered a trusted location for auto repair related services. Trust is based on high quality of of work, stellar customer service and education on why a service should be done and what happens if it is not done in time.

ASCCA University

Introducing ASCCA University! ASCCA University offer a video library for motorists you have questions about their car service.

Check out the ASCCA University as well and locate your own shop using the automated mapping of your shop’s location! In other words: Once Motorists have located their current location on the map, the nearest shop is displayed as well. Lets make sure it is yours and give them the best first impression. Lets get your shop’s information in front of searching Motorists, waiting to become your customers. We’d like to invite you to upload your shop’s information so it can look like D&H Enterprises below. 

dh enterprises 

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