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Apple and AutoVital have teamed up to provide the best in shop technology to help you go digital

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Innovative Software + Top of the Line Hardware

Technology has changed the tools we use in the shop quite a bit in the last few decades. From intricate and expensive diagnostic equipment up to the computers at the front counter we use to communicate with customers. Often we find that as a provider as some of the most advanced digital shop software on the market our customers also want to run our programs on top of the line hardware in their shop, and so we partnered with Apple, a company on the cutting edge of personal computing technology, to bring our customers what they wanted.

Apple Authorized Business Solutions Provider

As an Authorized Business Solutions Provider, AutoVitals can now offer our revolutionary digital shop software in conjunction Apple’s top of the line hardware at significantly discounted rate. Benefits to AutoVitals customers include:

  • Discounted pricing on iPad Mini, iPad Air
  • Discounted pricing on Apple Monitors and Displays
  • All Apple products purchased through AutoVitals will come with an AppleCare warranty
  • Extra level of tech support provided directly from apple support technicians
  • Many more exciting discounts and offers


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Speak with an AutoVitals Expert about what deals and special offers are available on apple products when purchased with AutoVitals Digital Shop Solutions.

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