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The Digital Shop – Benefits and Business Impact


Extracted from a real life presentation, CEO Uwe Kleinschmidt is giVINg an in-depth overview, how The Digital Shop will help interested shops to break through the current paper-based ceiling. In dialogue with an owner, Uwe also elaborates on the changes to the business, be it morale, consistency and confidence between service advisors and technicians.


Digital Inspections

The Inner Workings

Every vehicle gets inspected. Thus, Digital Inspection tools need to perform at the highest level of efficiency, without compromising the quality of the inspection, in order to shave off time. Time is Money. Watch how smart features in the Inspection tool make it fast for the tech, and efficient for the service advisor.


Manage What You Measure

Trends Make it Easy

The most important opportunity, especially for absentee owners and managers, is the ability to track virtually every single detail about technician and service advisor behavior. Whether it is the technician efficiency in real-time or the adherence to the picture policy, one click is all it takes.

Create Immediate Returns

Quick Wins for your Techs and Service Advisors

Lindsay Sinopoli, a seasoned service manager and AutoVitals’ Digital Operations Trainer, shares tips and tricks to leverage The Digital Shop for immediate returns. Technicians re-gain confidence in the service advisor’s ability to educate the motorist using the techs’ findings. And Service Advisors are amazed how well the education with pictures and educational videos works.


Jump Start The Digital Shop

Training is Everything

You might remember how ‘interesting’ the introduction of your point of sale software was in your business. Take the most effective approach and take advantage of any of the training options AutoVitals offers.