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Hover over the image to learn how AutoVitals works in your shop at each touchpoint.

Why the 7 Touchpoints?

All of AutoVitals’ solutions are built around how motorists interact with your shop in the digital age. The 7 Touchpoints represent the 7 most critical steps in the customers journey to becoming a loyal customer to your shop.

Search & Educate

In our digital world, motorists trust Google to tell them what is going on with their car. Your shop must capture motorists’ attention on top search engines, demonstrate value and expertise quickly, and have a seamless online appointment process. Custom websites, Google and FB Reviews, and SEO optimization with AutoVitals makes sure that your shop is a top rank for auto repair in your area. 

Drop Off

A great drop off experience that properly manages customer expectations sets the motorist and your team up for success. A well-orchestrated  Drop Off Process and Script coaches your Service Advisors through the best practice to instill confidence in the motorist and aligns expectations, setting motorists up to approve maximum work. Your Service Advisor uses The Today’s Vehicle Page to view all available labor and assigns the vehicle accordingly.


Eliminate motorist anxiety and inbound calls to your Service Advisors. Text status updates straight to motorists’ mobile devices keeping  them updated on the progress of their vehicle in the shop. Meanwhile, the digital communication center and internal chat keeps communication on vehicles and between technicians and the Service Advisor organized and increases efficiency. No more running back and forth between the counter and bays, wasting time and money.


 Motorists no longer want to be sold over the phone. Can you imagine receiving a call from an Amazon sales rep while browsing online? Text digital vehicle inspection results to the motorists smartphone so they can review the inspection results, approve work straight from their phone or easily contact your shop with questions. Additionally, once the technician completes the inspection, tasks for the Service Advisor, like review and send the inspection, are automatically created and assigned by the Task Manager ensuring no balls get dropped.

Pick Up

Pick up is a time of great relief for most motorists. AutoVitals’ Pick Up Script and Best Practice training helps coach your Service Advisor to provide exceptional customer service at pick up to encourage motorists to book their next appointment right at the counter. With a personalized CRM strategy and loyalty points program, motorists are immediately sent a vehicle health report, encouraging them to keep their car healthy leading to consistent customers. 

Thank You

Reinforce motorists’ positive experience at your shop with a personalized thank you message with a full vehicle service history and vehicle health score. They are reminded of their great experience at your shop and are then prompted to leave a review, boosting your shop’s online reputation.

Follow Up

Create loyal customers through personalized follow up campaigns to remind motorists of decline work from the past visit and future action items. These custom service reminders will encourage customers to schedule their next appointment and solidify your shop as their shop.

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