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The Rules of Online Customer Engagement Have Changed

There has been a significant change in the way motorists living in today’s high tech world behave when their vehicle is in need of service. Before calling your shop, motorists have already searched online for what could possibly be wrong with their car, studied how serious the necessary repair will be, and located the best shop in the area to fix their vehicle based on location and online reviews. AutoVitals’ websites and search engine optimization strategies embrace motorists’ drive for information by providing them with the answers they seek, in a way that highlights the unique benefits of your business. By maintaining a web presence for your shop that dominates search results, presents engaging content, and encourages your clients to write about their positive experiences online, we make it an easy decision for new customers to contact your shop and keep coming back.


Top of the line web design solutions, cutting edge and handcrafted by our top of the line design team to represent your shops brand to the world.


Strategically developed SEO strategies catered to your specific shop generate excellent search rankings and lets you stand out among your competition


Personalized reminders and high level interaction keep customers informed and drive motorists back to your shop when it’s time for service


Have a dedicated web expert account manager only a dial away to manage your web presence and customize your customer interaction automation.

Studio Quality Web Design

Make an Impression With Your Website

You only have a split second to catch a motorist’s eye and attract their interest when they land on your shop’s website. We offer top of the line, cutting edge website designs that are handcrafted by our professional design team to represent your shop’s brand to the world and help you stand out among the competition.

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Mobile Optimized and Responsive Website
  • Content Designed to Engage and Convert
  • Stay Connected to Your Customers

Dynamic Search Engine Optimization

Rank Higher In Popular Search Engines

By effectively optimizing your website we give your site maximum visibility and reach in top search engines by taking a strategic and personalized approach to SEO. With our Web Presence solutions your shop’s website will be featured on page one of the most popular search engines to reach local motorists.

  • Educational, Personal, and Promotional Search Strategy
  • Rank Multiple Pages in Search Results
  • Deliver Targeted Content to the Right Audience.
  • Increase Website Views By 100%

Interactive Customer Communication

Keep Customers Engaged

Retaining loyal customers is far more valuable than initially drawing them to your shop. Automated thank you emails to your customers provide useful insight into their visit, and social media marketing and email campaigns keep motorists constantly informed. Our integrated customer communication solutions ensure you keep customers loyal and engaged.

  • Frequent Online Customer Communication
  • Customer Reviews Update to Your Website and Google
  • Regular Social Media Postings
  • Interactive Summary of Your Motorist’s Visit


Personal Account Management

On Call Support

We provide one-on-one personal account management and support to make your shop a success. With a Web Presence Expert dedicated to your account, full and complete access to your site will always be only a phone call away. Our staff are some of the best in the business when it comes to designing and developing the best possible presence for your shop on the web, and your success is always our number 1 priority.

  • Website Design Management
  • Consistent Content Updates
  • Personalized Attention to Your Shop’s Specific Needs
  • On Call Support for Technical Issues


Web Presence Package Options

At AutoVitals web presence comes in two flavors. Our Top Fuel and Super Stock digital marketing packages feature some of the most innovative digital marketing solutions currently on the market for automotive repair and maintenance shops. With Super Stock you will have a studio quality web design and extremely effective SEO to drive engagement of your website. With Top Fuel you will have all of this and more. Included with our Premium Top Fuel Web Presence you will also have an integrated retention program, social media marketing, and a fully customizable web design.

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