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AutoVitals tablet application

Using the Tablet Based Electronic Inspection Sheet

Welcome to round two of the development of the Electronic Inspection Sheet and its integration in the shop workflow. We have recorded a brief video of how the app works, how it is configured and how it will be integrated with AutoVitals. Please feel free to respond with your feedback.


Thank you in advance and stay tuned for the next round.

Hi, I'm Patrick Egan with AutoVitals. For the next few minutes I'd like to take you on a brief tour of the upcoming AutoVitals electronic inspection sheet, a new highly effective way of performing an vehicle inspection using a tablet device. While AutoVitals has traditionally focused on enabling service advisors to more effectively interact with motorists.

We've recently uncovered a great potential for dramatic productivity gains in the interactions between service advisors and technicians. Today most vehicle inspections are recorded by a technician using pre-printed paper forums. Once completed the service adviser usually reenters the inspection findings in a shop management software application.

And finally, the customer is usually contacted by phone to ask them for authorization of the estimate, based on the inspection results. Using the new AutoVitals electronic inspection sheet or EIS, our pilot shops, which average 60 cars per week, have revealed saving of over an hour per day. as well as increased levels of customer satisfaction.

So before we take a look, let me tell you how it all works. To begin, the service advisor selects an inspection sheet from a list of pre designed forms on the AutoVitals website and assigns that to a technician. Real time integration between AutoVitals and you shop management software makes all vehicle information instantly available.

Next, the technician performs an inspection and records his results simply by tapping on the EIS screen. He can also add images or video to record more detailed descriptions or problems. Once submitted, the service advisor is informed with the results and can quickly create an estimate, based on the inspection findings.

The inspection results can also be presented directly to the motorist, so they stay updated through the process. And the images can be used by the service advisor. to educate the motorist about the inspection results. The electronic inspection sheet is fully configurable, and can be shared upon multiple technicians or shops.

It has been designed to run on tablets specifically selected for the challenging shop environment. And based on our in shop testing of our ruggedized devices, we recommend using an outer box housing with either the i iPad or the Galaxy Tab II. Okay, let's have a quick look at the auto vitals electronic inspection sheet.

To begin the service advisor selects an inspection sheet and assigns it to a technician. Note that any number of inspection can performed, from as simple as a 10 point inspection or a complex as a 72 point inspection. Each sheet has up to 4 sections, with up to 18 topics each. This allows for complete flexibility by assigning each section in the order that your technician walks around the vehicle during the inspection.

Once a topic is selected, in this example rotors and drums, the first step is to define the severity of the problem. This status will be used later to allow the advisor to filter for the most urgent jobs. You can see that the conditions and default actions for those conditions are predefined for rotors and drums.

If additional actions, or more details are required, they can also be entered at this time. Often, images say more than a thousand words, especially when educating the motorist. The camera in the tablet device can instantly capture an image of the problem area and store it with the inspection findings.

In the case of complex problems, or situations requiring a more detailed description, the technician can record his findings directly by voice. Both images and voice files are uploaded immediately to the server and made available to the service advisor, so they can in turn use them to both assess the degree of the problem and to share them with the motorist, so they can see the problem without entering the work area.

Submitting the sheet then finishes the inspection and the service advisor is alerted that the inspection is complete. All the details about the inspection are now available to the service advisor, in a single page on his computer. which is then stored as part of the vehicles service history. The results are sorted by severity, and images can be explored and selected to make them available to motorists as part of job educator.

Voice recordings also help the service advisor to create a more accurate estimate and recommend the right repair jobs to the motorist. Let's take a look at how to configure the device. Configurations can be shared among several technicians, leading to greatly improved activity. You won't use paper inspection forms at all anymore, and you can create as many different inspections as needed.

The ability to defined severity status allows for MAP compliant inspection sheets. MAP stands for motorist assurance program. And its goal is to offer a standardized way of assessing the severity of an inspected problem. And in the event that any repair condition requires a technician to enter additional notes.

Just use a configuration to provide the context, and all the technician needs to do is complete the note. It's all easy, fast, and completely guided. So if you'd like more information, about the electronic inspection sheet from AutoVitals. Call us today at (866)949-2848, or visit us on the web at www.autovitals.com.

20 Responses to “Tap, Snap and Talk”

  1. Is there an integrated version available for Scott Systems’ MaxxTraxx?

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I can see where it would be helpful in providing more consistent & professional inspections. Does it work with mitchell

  3. You mention shop management integration but I can’t find a list of systems… will this integrate with RO Writer?

    • Scott,

      if you use additional AutoVitals services, it will, and in real-time.
      the stand alone version is not planned to integrate currently, unless there is bigger demand.

      • I see. Thank you

        • You are welcome. I am curious, how much technician productivity would you consider lost by not integrating with the shop management software.

          • Good question. I’m a big fan of systems working together to save as many “clicks” as possible, so if it were able to integrate it would certainly be that much more attractive. With that said, we do use a few different services at the present time, most of which don’t play nice together already, so it may be wise to put everything in one spot anyway. Funny… I basically just asked for a demo, didn’t I?

          • Scott, we’d be happy to demo it to you, I will be at ATI super conference next week, are you going to be by chance there as well? if not, would Monday or Tuesday the following week be good for you?
            I couldn’t agree more about the system integration. that is why we do what we do the way we do it. Not all shop owners want it this way though, so we have something in store for everybody.

          • Yes, I will be at the ATI conference. I assume you’ll have a booth in the trade show?…. I’ll come find you there.

          • Awesome, we’ll see you there then.

  4. Is it compatible with Windows (XP,RT,7,8)?

    • Hi James,

      at this point we have not planned to support Windows. We have not found a robust enough device built on Windows, which is reasonably priced (less than $600) and will allow you to protect the investment in the rugged environment of the back shop and on the road. Once such a device is available we will add it. Do you have a device in mind, which passes the drop or similar tests?

      • I don’t have a specific model in mind but there are several ruggedized Windows tablet solutions available. Although they can be 4 – 20 times the price of an Ipad or Galaxy.

        Windows compatibility would allow our technicians to use one device instead of two which could also dock with a keyboard, mouse, LAN, and monitor at the technicians’ workstation. It could then be used to seemlessly access our locally hosted shop management system and repair information.

        I will shop around a bit and let you know if I find a more economical solution.

        The EIS appears to be an excellent way to streamline communication in the shop. Keep up the great work!

        • James,

          I assume you are talking about the Toughbook and alike. The price is steep and what shop management software would support touc hpads so that you don’t break your fingers?
          I’d love to see that in action, have you tried it?

  5. Bryan Crosby says:

    1) Does this Bar Scan the VIN to mode EIS to begin the inspection?
    2) Can you import Scan Data Codes (via Lemur BlueDriver or similar) for health check of vehicles?
    3) Some states require mandated vehicle safety checks. Can EIS provide the certified process and documentation as required?
    4) Can EIS provide needed TSB’s and bulletins to the consumer to address complaints?
    5) if you’re using MAP guidelines, are the necessary maintenance schedules part of EIS?
    6) if a large fleet or National Account had interest in EIS, can the home page and inspection process be customized for thier requirements? Maybe even linked to thier corporate server to provide any necessary data including vehicle count by location and service writer, etc?

    I have more questions, Unfortunatly it’s late. I really like to idea and concept. Lots of upside

    • Bryan,

      thank you for your feedback. I am happy to respond to all questions, keep them coming.
      1. If I understand the question correctly, you are curious how we identify the vehicle. There are two modes: 1. Through integration with the shop management software the vehicle is known and will be displayed to the technician to be selected. 2. The standalone mode allows the technician to describe the vehicle and we are planing to build in a VIN decoder based on bar code reading in the next version.
      2. Our plans for integrating diagnostic devices predict a simple scan reading device connected through wifi and let the server decode the data and play it back to the tablet.
      3. Yes EIS can provide the certified process and documentation as required, what commonly required example do you have in mind, so we can demonstrate that?
      4. AutoVitals already offers that feature to motorists without the EIS, motorists can look up TSBs and recalls and subscribe to recall alerts.
      5. Necessary maintenance schedules are the service advisor’s job to recommend in our workflow support and AutoVitals takes care of this already even without the EIS.
      6. of course it can, what exactly would you have in mind?

  6. zach levine says:

    From the motorist perspective, how do these images/soundbites help me in making my decision to greenlight the repair? Are they emailed to me, or texted? Will there be descriptions of the problem, or will I just be looking at a strange picture under the hood? (I’m sure this will depend on the type of issue, as the necessity of some services/repairs are easier to see than others.

    From our side, will the EIS be coupled with the standard descriptions of why should I get this done/what happens if I don’t?

    Last and least, I think the LifeProof Ipad case is better than Otterbox, as it is completely waterproof.

    • Zach, great questions.

      The motorist would be seeing on a web page the proposed jobs to be performed like here. The images come from the vehicle inspection and the educational videos could be ours like here or any other educational videos. These videos respond to the questions you mentioned.

      I like the LifeProof cases they are just twice as expensive as the Otterboxes. Thank you for mentioning them, we have choices now.


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